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Registering On The Forum.. Empty Registering On The Forum..

Post  Daz815 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:32 pm

Hi, Ok It's very Simple and doesn't take long!

10 EASY & SIMPLE steps on how to Register.. Very Happy

1. Click The +Register Button near the top of the page.
2. Read The Terms & Conditions and either click Agree or Disagree.
3. Fill In Your Desired Display Name / Username for the forum.
4. Fill In Your email address so that you can accept the Email from our forum & Activate Your Account.
5. Put in a password you won't forget and others won't guess easily.
6. Put Your Gender, Either Male Or Female. ( You Can't Have Both Laughing ) Now Press SAVE.
7. Now Re-Enter the password you put in on the previous display screen & press SAVE.
8. Now Go to your email inbox and active your account by clicking the link on the message.
9. Your Account Has Now Been Activated!
10. Now Log In with your USERNAME and PASSWORD and your ONLINE !

Please remember to follow FNBanger's forum rules or you will be dealt with servierly. Your Can read more on our forum rules on the: Friday Night Banger Rules Thread HERE!


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